Monday, August 30, 2010

Inside the Actor's Studio

My dream line-up (30, just in case):

Cat. 1 (Have denied repeated advances of James Lipton)

Jack Nicholson
Bill Murray
Daniel Day-Lewis
Sean Connery

Cat. 2 (Going to die soon)

Sidney Poitier
Elizabeth Taylor
Woody Allen
Shirley Temple
Mel Brooks
Sophia Loren
Lily Tomlin
Helen Mirren
Monty Python Ensemble
Judi Dench
Angela Lansbury

Cat. 3 (Probably okay for now)

Patrick Stewart
Gary Oldman
Bruce Willis
Diane Keaton
Rob Reiner
Sandra Bullock
Alan Rickman
Liam Neeson
Quentin Tarantino
Albert Brooks
George Clooney

Cat. 4 (no one is watching 'cause everyone's old/we need popular young stars)

Penelope Cruz
Neil Patrick Harris
Scarlett Johansson
Nicole Kidman

How much you wanna bet the bottom four get on the show before the top four?