Wednesday, December 12, 2007

73; Library Shift

Often I've spoken about librarians as pillars of society, and not, perhaps, without some conciet. For it is with great daring that I reveal that I am, in point of fact, a librarian.

So many burning questions. How do you know where to shelve the books? How do you desensistize the movies? Are librarians really better lovers? Can I get your autograph? Well settle down my children, and I'll explain to you what a library shift is really like.

4:25. Arrive early to shift, to the joy of those currently on duty.
4:26. Explain that I'll be right back to now despondent workers; flee.
4:30. Show up for my shift and stand around awkwardly while workers close out their shift.
4:32. Put the desk in order, straighten things, and tidy up.
4:33. Sit down.
4:35. Get up and start organizing the books to be shelved.
4:40. Check out book to patron.
4:41. Return to rearranging.
4:46. Finish rearranging, and sit back down.
4:47-5:00. Try and look busy as bosses leave for the day.
5:00-5:14. Internet.
5:15. Refill printer paper at computer station.
5:16. Internet.
5:17. See how many spins I can get in on my chair without using my feet.
5:20. Stop the room spinning.
5:22. Put out the bell and go into the back room to look at new purchases and books to be discarded.
5:25. Retun to desk and put bell away. Sit down.
5:27. Start to fill out time sheet.
5:29. Check watch.
5:30. Put on coat, crouch to sprinting position.
5:31. Relieved by next shift. Bolt out the front door amid whoops and hollers.

There you have it! I hope that helps to clarify what a regular library shift is like when you're doing desk duty. Surely there are more secrets to the business of being a librarian? Yes indeed, there are. But those are trade secrets.

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