Friday, February 29, 2008

92; Where does he get his sources?

All right, all right. All right, already! ALL RIGHT.

So many people have been heckling and bothering me, trying to break down my door to have me update. I appreciate your concern, and here I am, updating.


I apologize for keeping up the Human Rights column for so long. I could come up with some bullshit excuse about keeping it up there. I could claim that I felt everyone should be familiar with the UN's Human Rights, and this was my subtle way of providing that information. It's not true, but it's a nice thought.

In reality the past few updates were written in a flurry many weeks ago, and I was able to stagger them appropriately. Having subsequently returned to school, and taking an absurd number of credits, I'm quite swamped.

Let's get this ball rolling, then. First off: Upon inquiry I've been asked to write about piglets, happy rainbows, plastic boardgame pieces, and Shakespeare in Love. Not only will I write about them, I will rock the socks off all of them.

On January 26th a firecrew saved nearly 1,000 piglets in Buckinghamshire from a blaze, according to the BBC.

On January 9th the Secretary of Schools in England failed to list the colors of a rainbow correctly, in an article amusingly titled 'Rainbow error makes Balls blush' (Ed Balls being the secretary) according to the BBC.

Yesterday an article on whether depression is actually good for you appeared, citing some psychiatrist's claims that rather than taking pills depression "can force a healthy reassesment of personal circumstances," according to the BBC.

On February 7th Rachel Lowe, creator of the boardgame Destination sold her idea, lambasted publicly by critics, to Disney and Warner Bros. for two million pounds, according to the BBC.

Speaking of plastic toys: A giant pacific octopus, as of January 10th, made friends with a Mister Potato Head in a Cornish aquarium. "Louis is well known for his curiosity and intelligence", according to the BBC.

John Fletcher's portrait was bought by the National Portrait Gallery in London for 218,000 pounds. John Fletcher was a rival and sometimes collaborator of William Shakespeare, according to the BBC.

And why is it when I search for 'love' in the BBC databse I get an article titled: 'Cake-eating contest death warning'?

Oh, and today is leap year. According to the BBC.

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