Friday, April 4, 2008

99; And now a word from the Internet

"Hokay, so. This is the world..."

"I'm a shaaark!"

"A magical leopluradon."

"It's not like a truck..."


"Doug what you did was rape."

"Lobster's made of Meat!"

"Simpsons did this chart??"

"We like the mooon..."

"If I'm not avail you taco nazi!"

Garfield: "..."

"All your base are belong to us."

"Sexy construction worker! ...And Frog."

"I has a bucket."



"It's a no-no. And you like it."


"Kitten Huffing."

"John Freeman walked real fast..."

"And yes, this is a written threat."

"It's me! Every Girl Ever."

"Hello. I am Prince Ngongo from Nigeria..."

"Joker pulls boner of the year!"

"Porkchop sandwiches!"




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