Monday, September 27, 2010

20 Comic Artists - pt. 2

15. Walt Kelley

For all of Trudeau's efforts, Kelly had brought politics into the funnies years earlier. Under the guise of woodland predators characters like McCarthy were taking their beatings. Kelly's style is very cartoon-y, but his characters are all multi-dimensional. In the classic Disney style these simple drawings stand out against lush backgrounds.

14. Jeph Jacques

Part of the appeal of Questionable Content is the quality of product produced with such regularity. Few daily webcomics are as polished. While visually subtle the writing it always fine. Stylistically his characters keep evolving.

13. Bill Griffith

I've always had a soft spot for the comic Zippy the Pinhead. There it was, at the bottom of the page, cowering with a cream pie behind its back. Here's a factoid: the phrase "Are we having fun yet?" was invented by Zippy. It gives you an idea of the humor. The art, too, is a well-done microcosm.

12. Patrick McDonell

Mutts is a case for simplicity. The pastel, almost Zen world of Mutts is not trying for laughs. Reflective and gentle, the idealized Mutts land recalls an element of nostalgia and an older, Gasoline Alley-days, funny page.

11. Pat Oliphant

Oliphant is the only living political cartoonist a la Thomas Nash. His classical, Pulitzer Prize-winning style has no equal on the newspaper page. Publishing a few a week for a few decades many see him as the last of the past masters.

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