Sunday, January 2, 2011

Food - the first two weeks

Durian candies.

Fried egg rice with chicken.

Soursop and watermelon juice.

Korean Barbeque: Beef and chicken with oodles of sides from salad to tofu to pickles and kim chee.

Mrs. Fields cookies.

Macaroni fried with seafood and chili.

Pasta Carbonara.

Mango smoothies.

Nasi Lemak: fried chicken (or hot dogs or fish cakes) with rice, egg and chili.

Duck and noodles.

Spareribs and noodles.

Ayam Pagan: Grilled Indonesian-style chicken with sauce and rice.

Chicken rice: Steamed or roasted chicken with rice (a local favorite).

English bratwurst with mustard.

Fish and chips with crab bisque.

Indian mutton curry.


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