Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Inside the Actor's Studio Redux

In 2010 I made a list of my dream line-up.

Those on my 2010 list who have subsequently been interviewed:

George Clooney
Bruce Willis

Yup. Those on my 2010 list who still haven’t been interviewed:

Jack Nicholson
Bill Murray
Daniel Day-Lewis
Sean Connery
Sidney Poitier
Woody Allen
Shirley Temple
Mel Brooks
Sophia Loren
Lily Tomlin
Helen Mirren
Monty Python Ensemble
Judi Dench
Angela Lansbury
Patrick Stewart
Gary Oldman
Diane Keaton
Rob Reiner
Sandra Bullock
Alan Rickman
Liam Neeson
Quentin Tarantino
Albert Brooks
Penelope Cruz
Neil Patrick Harris
Scarlett Johansson
Nicole Kidman


Elizabeth Taylor

My three new additions to replace Taylor, Clooney and Willis are:

Frank Oz
Michael Gambon
Marion Cotillard

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