Monday, September 24, 2012

American Architecture

My favorite American buildings.

1. Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright. Quintessentially, uniquely American.

2. Space Needle by Edward Carlson and John Graham Jr. Likewise - only in America.

3. Chrystler Building by William van Allen. New York's best, and the best Art Deco.

4. Monticello by Thomas Jefferson. The finest building of the pre-industrial period.

5. Hearst Caslte by Julia Morgan. Only in America would someone build it. Love it.

6. Trinity Church by Henry H. Richardson. The finest sacred space, reflecting Boston's Irish heritage.

7. United Nations Headquarters by Oscar Niemeyer. Took the international style and perfected it.

 8. The Gamble House by Greene and Greene. Arts and crafts, a British movement, mastered in Pasadena.

9. Weisman Art Musem by Frank Gehry. I think in time this will be seen as his most fully realized structure.

10. Mesa Laboratory by I.M. Pei. Very innovative for the time, an excellent modernist piece.

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Karen said...

Trinity is an Episcopalian church, not an RC one. Therefore, not Irish. Phillips Brooks (for whom it was built) Henry one involved was Irish or Roman Catholic. Well, unless they were the poor workers...