Friday, August 22, 2014


I am getting real tired of packing.

Since age five I've moved six times. The first was as a teenager, when I went to boarding school in Colorado, taking my essentials with me from California. Now my belongings, besides being in two houses from divorced parents, were spread across two different states. After high school I went to college in Vermont, and now my stuff was on opposite sides of the continent. After my first year in college my mom moved to Massachusetts, so I started leaving stuff there. Three states. I went to England to study for six months - the first time my stuff was split between two countries. I graduated with a Masters and my stuff was split again between three states when I got my first job in Nevada. After which I was split between two states and where I was living for my second job, in Singapore. Upon my return I got a job in Connecticut, and my stuff was back to three states.

One thing I've noticed is a totem-like need to hold onto certain pieces of stuff. I have a box of thumbtacks I've had since high school - the thing is held together with a rubber band for goodness sake - that I make sure to bring wherever I go. Just comforting, I guess; along with a dozen other such items I could easily replace but ship out anyway.

Tomorrow I am moving back to California, where some of my stuff has been residing for 14 years now while I traveled the country and planet. Everything's out of Connecticut, and so I am back to two states. I sincerely hope, by Spring maybe, to have everything back in California - and nothing left in Massachusetts any longer.

Living the bi-coastal life has been good for me, but I'm excited to consolidate. I only want to pull out the tape gun and packing boxes maybe three more times (first house, Sacramento governor's mansion, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue). Nor do I want to consider living in another state - from now on I plan to visit only, and reside in the Bay Area for the foreseeable future. For now, I'm set. And settling.

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Karen said...

Waah, waah. I moved five times before I was six!