Saturday, September 12, 2015

Terza Rima

My favorite canto from Dante's "Purgatorio" (Dillon translation):

And as we climbed higher up the mountain’s lofty
Sides, we passed a threshold, and my mind was darkness.
My dreams were frightening when my guide awoke me.
“What terrors caused your sleep such bold uneasiness?”
I replied, “My visions were of a realm in this
Place, where human souls endure such paramount stress
That man may consider hell’s torments again his
Suffering.” “Your vision is the land we enter.
Where we must wait – for a landlord’s domain this is;
‘Til they decide we are a good and safe renter
And our credit and income are worthy to move,
Here we must suffer.” So ended my presenter.

I've been apartment hunting. I can not wait for it to end.

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