Friday, April 22, 2016

Five Music Videos

Here are five of my favorite, criminally underrated, music videos:

Wizard of Meh, Pogo

When thinking of Pogo, if at all familiar with the artist who slices together clips of movies to make songs such as 'Upular' and 'Alice', the accompanying video brought to mind is of choppy animated clips. Here we get Pogo himself, and an interesting display of light and shadow.

Me and Mr. Wolf, Real Tuesday Weld

A delightful (but possibly NSFW-gruesome) homage to old cartoons. I'm a big fan of this band's other music videos, including 'Bathtime in Clerkenwell', which, if you watch the rest, seem to suggest they are all set in their own little universe.

It's a Hit, Rilo Kiley 

It as this incredible little video that brought Rilo Kiley to my attention. I was so surprised by the content, and the aesthetic, that I sought out more of their music afterwards, like 'Portions for Foxes'. Whatever happened to them?

Wraith Pinned to the Mist, of Montreal

And sticking to the 'whatever happened to them' file, what became of of Montreal? This was a big hit not just musically, but aesthetically as well. For a while there this style of animation and illustration was very popular. Gone now.

A Short Film by Spike Jonze / "Humanism", Jon Batiste and Stay Human

If you're not paying attention to Colbert's Late Show, you may want to reconsider. They're doing some interesting things, and the band especially - there's a reason why folks like Arturo Sandoval are appearing on the show to play with Jon Batiste. I can listen to this endlessly.

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