Monday, January 16, 2017

Ideal High School Curriculum

Every few years, it seems, I revisit this concept. Last time I did was the summer of 2015. So here, once again, is an updated - though potentially subject to change - view of how I think U.S. high schools should actually function. At least for which courses students would be required to take (with a few variants for the super-advanced or struggling) throughout four years.

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Required Courses
World History: Middle Ages to 20th Century. Includes Geography.
Performance Art: Dance, Music, Theater.
Physical Education and Health – Anatomy and Physiology, Physical Diseases.
Planetary Science: Astronomy and the Big Bang to Geology, Climate Science.
Logic and Algebra: Variables and Expressions, Linear Equations.
World Literature: Middle Ages to 20th Century.
Foreign Language I / ESL I
World History: 20th Century. Includes Geography.
Visual Art: 2D, 3D.
Physical Education and Health – Gender and Sexuality, Sexual Education.
Biology: Cells and Genetics to Evolution, Environmental Science. Alternate: AP Biology, Env Sci
Logic and Geometry: Euclidean.
World Literature: 20th Century.
Foreign Language II / ESL II
American History: Native Americans to Present. Alternate: AP U.S. Hist.
Performance / Visual Art Elective. Alternate: AP Art History, Music Theory, Studio Arts (2D, 3D, Drawing)
Physical Education and Health – Psychological and Psychiatric Conditions.
Chemistry:  Atoms and Elements to Compounds and Molecules. Alternate: AP Chem
Probability and Statistics: Data collection, plotting, Significance, Misuse and Detection, Correlation and Causation.
American Literature: ½ Prior to 20th Century, ½ 20th Century.
Foreign Language III / ESL III. Alternate: AP Chn, Fr, Ger, It, Jap, Lat, Sp Lan, Sp Lit
American Government: Includes Hum Rights. Alternate: AP Gov: U.S.
Economics: Budgeting, Taxes, Stocks. Alternate: AP Micro, Macro
Psychology and Ethics: Developmental Psych, Epistemology, Ethics. Alternate: AP Psych, Euro Hist, World Hist, Comp Gov, Hum Geo
Physics: Newtonian, Relativity, Quantum. Alternate: AP Phys 1+2, Elect, Mec
Pre-Calculus: Logarithms, Radicals, Functions, Trigonometry/ Calculus: Limits, Differentials, Integrals
English Electives. Alternate: AP Eng Lang, Eng Lit
Computer Science: Programming, Web Design. Alternate: AP Comp Sci, Comp Sci Prin

After School (Any years) (three years required):


Cooking/Nutrition – One semester
Parenting – One semester
Home Economics: Basic plumbing, maintenance, gardening, recycling, carpentry– One year
College Prep, Job Skills and Rhetoric – One year


Yearbook – One year
Driver’s Ed – One semester
Drama Production – One Semester (can supersede a semester of a year-long required.) Limit four.

Sport: Team – Seasonal (can supersede anything else, ‘cause why fight it? It's not going away.)

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