Friday, March 17, 2017

National Film Registry 2017

Way back in 2014 I came up with twenty-five National Film Registry recommendations. Four of those recommendations have been added (well, one was added back in the 1990s, and somehow eluded me). They are:

The Big Lebowski, 1998 – Added in 2014
The Old Mill, 1937 – Added in 2015
Paths of Glory, 1957 – Added in 1992
The Princess Bride, 1987 – ​Added in 2016

So that's nice. Most of my list remains unchanged, however. Even so, my four new replacement films are found below (along with the holdovers) marked in red.​

1776 – narrative feature, 1972.
Apollo 11 Moon Landing Footage – documentary, 1969. Why?: Is the first film shot on another celestial body.
Army-McCarthy Hearings – newsreel, 1954. Why?: Documents a critical moment in American politics.
Camille – narrative feature, 1936.
The Cat Concerto – animated short subject, 1947. Why?: Exemplifies the Tom and Jerry shorts that won seven Academy Awards.
Clerks – narrative feature, 1994.
Closed Mondays – animated short subject. Why?: Exemplifies Will Vinton’s very influential Claymation style.
Der Fuehrer's Face – animated short subject, 1942. Why?: Exemplifies WWII anti-Nazi propaganda.
Everything Will Be OK – animated short subject, 2006. Why?: Typifies Don Hertzfeldt’s popular animation style.
F for Fake – documentary/narrative feature, 1973.
Fiddler on the Roof – narrative feature, 1971.
Hearts and Minds – documentary, 1974. Why?: One of the most influential American documentaries of the 1970s, with extensive footage of the Vietnam War.
I Like America and America Likes Me - experimental film/short subject, 1974. Why?: One of the defining moments of performance art by Joseph Beuys.
Jurassic Park – narrative feature, 1993.
Meat Joy – experimental film/short subject, 1964. Why?: One of the defining moments of performance art by Carol Schneemann.
The Mind’s Eye: A Computer Animation Odyssey – animated short subject, 1990. Why?: Was a pioneer in computer animation technology.
Monterrey Pop – documentary, 1968. Why?: Documents the first great American rock festival, before Woodstock.
My Dinner with Andre – narrative feature, 1981.
President Nixon's Resignation Speech – newsreel, 1974. Why?: Documents a critical moment in American politics.
Street of Crocodiles – animated short subject, 1986. Why?: Magnum opus of influential stop-motion artists the Brothers Quay.
Superman – animated short subject, 1941. Why?: Was the first film adaptation of the comic book icon, heavily influencing future depictions.
Treasure Island – narrative feature, 1950.
Tron – narrative feature, 1982.
The Truman Show – narrative film, 1998.
Twice Upon a Time – animated feature film, 1983. Why?: Only example of a feature-length animation to use lumage.

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