Monday, May 1, 2017

He's Not the President the Alt-Right Wanted

So the online alt-right trollhood seemed to think Trump was, to start off, a good choice for President. When we get to why, the reason must be his personality, as he lacks experience, a fact which was not unknown in their endorsement. The trollhood of misogynistic wonder wants to be perceived as hyper-masculine. It’s a different a hyper-masculine than macho or machismo, though, in that it doesn’t glorify or fetishize the male body. To be an ‘alpha’ in the alt-right need not mean you are handsome, muscly, or toned. If so, Trump would not be their standard-bearer (one presumes).

Being an alpha for these men means having the right ideas, and being belligerent towards any who oppose them, whether they oppose the alt-right's ideas actively, or through the mere existence of being an identified ‘other’. Trump, obviously, excels in this belligerence.  With his white nationalist dog whistles and explicit behaviors (Steve Bannon was on the National Security Council, Michael Flynn was National Security Advisor) he has played to the alt-right Breitbart base. Trump gets away with claiming Mexicans are rapists, mocking the disabled, marginalizing Jews, and sexually harassing women. Any one who is a non- white, abled, heterosexual, cis male is a target. This comes, I can only imagine, out of their pathological need to tear down what they’ve labelled SJWs, that is “social justice warriors”.

“Social Justice” may strike us as a laudable thing to fight for, but for the trollhood, it got mashed together with a culture of Millennial-bashing, ‘snowflake’ and ‘safe space’ caricature to create a view of weakness. SJWs, whether Black Lives Matter, or women who are comfortable with heavier bodies, or the trans community and their allies, or the college student with PTSD who requests a trigger warning – all of them are weaker than they, the alt-right white men.

Trump is their standard-bearer, of course, because he plays into all of this. He doesn’t admit he’s wrong, he says whatever inflammatory thing he likes, and his actions are capricious. What was once labeled immaturity is branded by the alt-right as a sign of strength – SJWs beware: Trump is now in charge, and is going to put you in your rightful place. A subservient place, one presumes, from a group of primary voters, 20% of who, in South Carolina, thought slavery should still be legal.

One final term the trollhood has adopted, though, needs examination, and that is ‘cuck’. It’s a foreshortening of ‘cuckold’, a rather archaic term for a man whose wife is sexually unfaithful, and knows about it, but can do nothing to stop it due to his weakness. It’s not surprisingly an anti-feminist view of gender relations, where the woman’s agency and actions are most problematic only from the male perspective, but that’s beside the point I’m making. A cuck is a weakling. There’s debate about nuances, but all would agree on that kernel of identification.

I say, Trump is the ultimate weakling of this type. I mean, look at him. “The first hundred days are the most productive of the Presidency” and during Trump’s, there’s been a lot of wind and noise. He’s passed many executive actions, some meaningless, others defeated by the courts, and some that, unfortunately, had weight behind them. The Dakota Access pipeline for example – that’s being rebuilt. I’m getting tired of the media repeating that “he’s gotten nothing done” – he really has. There are things in movement because of his actions. But the actions were… weird.

By that I mean, usually you try to govern through legislation, because bills that become laws have more force and power than executive orders. As Trump demonstrated by rescinding Obama’s orders, they are subject to being overturned, and easily. Bills passed by both chambers, not so much. And Trump has passed no bills of consequence. Two named buildings, one declared a National Memorial. Small fry stuff. Of greatest note, and again, with real consequence, was a decision to reverse a pending law that would protect internet privacy which Obama created (but hadn’t gone into force, yet) and making guns more readily accessible to the mentality disabled, ‘cause everyone was clamoring for that one.

His other major accomplishment, of course, was the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court as an Associate Justice. But that this was not going to happen was unlikely, given the incredible amount of work Mitch McConnell, not Trump, put in to ensure that the seat was 1) left open and 2) bypassed the Democrats, going so far as to remove the filibuster. As far as I’m concerned, Mitch McConnell never needs to get elected to office again – he’s a ‘made man’ in the conservative world, and will likely be comfortably well off for the rest of his days, should Republicans continue to run house.

So a few bills, lots of executive orders (some so incoherent to be meaningless) and a nominee to the Supreme Court. Not nothing! Also, as many have pointed out: not anything close to what he said he’d do.

What’s most telling is that he picked the fights – and lost. Like a loser. Lost badly. And, what’s worse, he picked the fights it was most important to him to win.

Healthcare – lost.

Border wall – backed down.

Deportations – stymied and failed.

China’s a currency manipulator – maybe not.

Defeating ISIS is going to be a cinch – unless it isn’t.

Balance the budget and reform taxes – at least avoid a shutdown.

I’ll release my taxes once elected – or just continue to hide them ‘cause.

No federal funds for sanctuary cities! – unless a court orders it’s totally illegal.

And on, and on.

So, we can say it, right? The alt-right’s terminology, ideals, motives: they’re all loathsome. Alpha males who bully others, and SJWs being seen as lesser, ‘cucks’ being mocked and shamed… But, we can say it, right? Trump is the ultimate cuck. He is one of the weakest, most disliked, least effectual Presidents ever. His constant defeats have been significant and public displays of humiliation – emasculation, no doubt, to the trollhood. He conned them into thinking he was an alpha Breitbart male, but what has he done? His defeats, failures, and increasingly simpering attitude to how ‘hard’ this all is, and how he ‘didn’t know’ it was going to be so tough, and being schooled by Presidents like Xi on basic statecraft – it’s pathetic. Surely the trollhood sees, that, right? He’s not the Commander in Chief they envisioned (whose military escapades, so far, have also been disastrous).

Instead, to these sub-intelligence losers who’ve decided to take their little internet forums of hate speech and conspiracy and infect our rational discourse, I propose, in an olive branch, to show that I acknowledge their existence, and their beliefs (even though those beliefs are unutterably stupid) that we adopt the following name for the President which uses their own dumb language. He’s not President Trump:

He’s Donald Cuck.

Sing it with me kids! "O-ba-ma!" "Donald Cuck!" "O-ba-ma!" "Donald Cuck!" "Forever man has held a banner high, high, high. High...!"

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