Friday, July 28, 2017

2017 Life Update

Been a while since I’ve done a life update, and life has been moving fast lately.

So, back in March my job decided not to renew my contract. Lots of reasons why, which, at the most generous, I would label “un-compelling”. Anyway, they made their choice, and I immediately started hoarding cash.

This is what happens whenever adversity comes along. Money was not consistent growing up, and while we never got into real poverty (always had a roof overhead, clothes on our back, and food in our stomach) the vacillations are what had the longest effect on me. I sometimes feel like the now retired-trope ‘Great Depression’ parent / grandparent. You used to see them in movies and on t.v. – the adult who hoards, scrimps, saves – thrifty to the point of nuisance because they remembered living through those lean times.

As a result I am very frugal and money-cautious. I try to keep a robust savings account, put aside for retirement, and like to have a fair bit left over in checking at the end of the month. When told I would not be coming back next year I started putting money away. By the start of this month I’d socked away two full months’ worth of paychecks.

Which I would end up needing. After a few weird interviews and dead-end prospects I was eventually offered a job around 90 miles away from where I was living. I accepted at the start of June, which meant moving by the start of August. I drove back and forth multiple times a week, at least during July between my current and to-be home. Scoped out a lot of apartments and potential roommates this past month. Yesterday, though, I finished moving in to the one I settled on: a nicely proportionate in-law around 20 minutes’ drive from my new work.

Regarding the job, it’ll be …interesting. I’ll be back to teaching history, which is a definite plus. I am wary of some aspects, particularly since I was hired when they weren’t in session, so I’ve not got a great sense of the day-to-day. Cautiously optimistic for now, which is really the best that could be hoped for.

Also: The week before I moved here one of my best friends visited from the other coast, and the week before that I crashed the couch of another very close friend. So that kept me busy as well.

Due to all the hectic chaos and confusion of the summer I therefore think I can be forgiven for not noticing that my new place has no oven (stove, fridge, sink, all of the usual stuff is there, just no… oven. It’s odd.). The real question is can I forgive myself for the pies and cookies that won’t be made?

Only time will tell.

Here Ends the Life Update.

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