Monday, March 17, 2014


This blog will be discontinued until further notice. The reasons are professional, and profoundly disturbing.

To those readers who are not aware, I work at a therapeutic treatment center. The residents are adolescents.

It has come to my attention they have discovered this blog, and are making merry in the lack of respect, discretion regarding boundaries, and care for my personal privacy.

I do not think their intentions were initially malicious, but clearly the lack of respect, care, or kindness they have for me has not stopped them from harassing me with regards to the further maintenance of this site.

Upon reflection, it is somewhat ironic. These teens have a variety of confidential, private, sources whom they can speak to: psychologists, advisers, staff, and so forth. Why they begrudge me the privacy of my own thoughts in writing I cannot understand. I have maintained this blog since I was a young man to do what I like to do: write. And those writings can, and sometimes will, be personal. Sharing these thoughts online does not bother me. There is nothing in them I am ashamed of. Unfortunately, however, the contents do violate numerous concerns regarding proper boundaries with a therapeutic population. That these students have willfully disregarded this saddens me, for while they get to keep their confidants and venues for expressing their thoughts, they have left me with one less in which to express mine.

A handful of unthinking students who were not able to maintain appropriate boundaries, to whose advisers and therapists I now need to address regarding this disappointing lack of respect for my privacy: that's all it took. This blog, maintained for seven years, must now deactivate because of them.

It is painful for me that it has come to this. Would that my students were kinder towards my privacy.

To those faithful readers, and my followers, thank you for joining me on this journey cut short. I will miss having this outlet, and sharing my thoughts with you.

Signing off,

~ Ross

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