Monday, May 5, 2014

5/9 of the Problem

The Conservative Court, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Note of interest: All five are Catholics. Read into it what you will!

Number One: Anthony Scalia

·         Formerly a member of the neocon American Enterprise think-tank
·         Also member of shady Federalist Society that would later include Alito and Roberts
·         Compared Roe v Wade to Dredd Scott
·         First introduced originalism to the Supreme Court: ‘cause what would Washington say about semi-automatics, anyway?

Number Two: Anthony Kennedy

·         Supported strip-searches for anyone pulled in by the police, regardless of suspicion of contraband
·         Critical supporter of Citizens United saying “the appearance of influence or access will not cause the electorate to lose faith in this democracy” as well writing the majority in McCutcheon
·         Was the swing vote that got Bush elected in 2000
·         Has stated that he does not consider himself a ‘swing’ vote, and voted with Rehnquist 92% of the time

Number Three: Clarence Thomas

·         Sexual harassment of Anita Hill before being appointed Supreme Court Judge
·         Refuses to speak on the bench
·         Didn’t disclose more than half a million in taxes, claimed “inadvertently omitted due to a misunderstanding of the filing instructions”.
·         Clearly has no basic understanding of laws (see previous)

Number Four: John Roberts

·         Took a stance against free speech in schools in 2007
·         Screwed up the Oath of Office in 2008
·         Argued that prison overcrowding did not violate Eighth Amendment in California, which was overcrowded more than 137%
·         Supported the constitutionality of wire-tapping

Number Five: Samuel Alito

·         Voted to restrict abortion rights in Gonzales reversing O’Connor’s previous opinion
·         Concurs with Scalia 86% of the time
·         Argued as an Appeals judge that cops aren’t liable if they strip-search a ten year-old

·         Has the reputation as the rudest of the nine judges on the bench, often breaking the rules of decorum

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