Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Birth Calendar

Oh. My. God.

I discovered, rummaging through papers at my mother's house, the most jaw-droppingly...something ever. Apparently, after I was born, my mom kept a 'baby's first year' calendar. And folks, it is incredible. I've just gone ahead and quoted it exactly...

August 6. Ross beginning to smile at people.

August 10. Now has a rash on his face.

September 6. Went to Santa Cruz boardwalk for Pete’s company picnic. Mother died today.

September 13. Flew to Austin, Texas, Ross did better on flight. That night in hotel room, he discovered his hand!

September 14. Ross attacked by mosquitos and gnats.

October 10. Ross still won’t drink formula.

October 30. Ross trying to turn over. Only gets to his side, though.

December 6. Ross rolls over from back to stomach. Has such fun he practices for 45 min.

January 18. Ross takes one or two crawl steps, but still hasn’t got it down pat.

January 21. Every time Ross tries to crawl, he sits up instead.

March 22. Ross crawled on a hot air vent at church and burned his left middle & ring fingers.

March 23. Ross has very bad blisters on his fingers. He also has a cold starting.

March 24 Ross fell face first on the kitchen floor while crawling & busted his lower lip.

April 19. Ross pulls up to standing on everything, but can’t figure out how to sit.

April 22. Found Ross happily stuffing Jessica’s jellybeans in his mouth.

May 6. Ross learned to climb the stairs today. [There are no further entries after this date.]

I was an amazing baby.

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