Tuesday, September 18, 2007

40; dreams

So the other night I had three dreams. The first two were about marriage and the third about Elvis and James Brown playing baseball. For the sake of this post I'm going to stick to the first two, even though the first was a rather moving performance by the two washed-up down-and-out former musicians turned baseball players. Especially touching was Brown's speech to Elvis after a strike-out and how this was his last chance to make it and...

Well, I'll not bore you. Of course some say that nothing is more boring than hearing about other people's dreams. If so, then it's too late, your a paragraph in and there's no stopping this thing now.

For the sake of anonymity the person I married in the first dream will be refereed to as A&W, the latter M&M. I just got done eating a not too filling dinner. The first, anyway, was a friend from college with whom we'd moved in to a large home, only t was more of a menagerie. Lots of critters on all floors, but we were blissfully happy, raising animals exotic, living an eco-happy life, and dwelling in a nice house with a really big staircase. The staircase, that was very important, it seems.

Of course, we were both still young, this couldn't've been but a year from now. Being young and blissfully happy, and probably in love, helps. Especially when you live in a zoo.

The second started out not as being married at all, but instead being trapped with M&M on top an elevator. Not inside, on top, while the elevator was, we dared not imagine, accelerating towards top floor. Anywho after all that (but before the Godfather of Soul's amazing double-play) we seemed to be married and living together in a place not unlike my college, which was unusual, since M&M in real life has never been there. We, again, were blissfully happy, although the life we lead was completely polar to the one in the dream before. The very tasteful apartment was well-furnished, to the point of being ornate, and I think we were 'people to know'.

What may be strangest is I really probably would be happy in either scenario.

The next logical step, of course was dream analysis. I have a dabbling of skill in that field myself, but I've never had to figure out for myself or my friends what marriage symbolizes in dreams. Here are the possibilities I found out:

(A) "Joy without profit"
(B) "Important developments, transition"
(C) "Uniting parts of your being"
(D) "Death"

So there seems to be quite a range, or at least disagreement. There was also option (E)"Wish fulfilment", but that seemed too obvious. It would be glorious to end up with either of these fine people, in either circumstance (which I later figured to be the extremes of their personalities being represented in the homes in which we co-habitated.) To be fair to the analysis there was no ceremony in either dream, I just got the feeling we were married. Probably good enough to rely on, after all I'm boring you all with paragraph after another on what were not, in truth, very exciting dreams. Had I been chasing tigers in Africa the dreams would have been more story-like, and Hemmingwayish, but alas it was not to be.

Given my four options, however, and each came up multiple times, I fear (A) the most. Whichever happens I don't want it to be 'joy without profit'. I can handle important developments, for those would come whether I dreamed about them or not. I can handle the task of uniting the disparate parts of my being, after all that is one of my life goals, and death I can handle too. But joy without profit seems so cruel. Too cruel.

Anyway it was all followed up with a nice inspirational sports story, so all's well that ends well, right? Let's hope if I marry either of them things turn out for the best. Come to think of it even if I don't marry either of them, since neither is particularly likely, I'd still like things to turn out for the best. Is that too much to ask?

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