Friday, September 14, 2007

column 3; spring fever

Lots of things are contagious. Luckily, Hay Fever isn't. Spring allergies aren't either. But Spring Fever? Most definitely.

Spring Fever is like the Flu. Some years you get it, some you don't. I suppose there are those people who get attacked every year, but they should really take preventative measures for that. Alas, I know of no pills that can cure Spring Fever, no inoculations (though at times I'm moved by the idea that a shot in the arm might help.)

Okay, that was a bit mean. But, to be honest, Spring Fever is one of the few things we wish was contagious. It's cousin, happiness, is contagious. And we can catch a mild case of happiness from someone who has Spring Fever without getting bowled over by the full works. But the only way to guarantee catching it is through close proximity with someone you care about.

Perhaps by holding hands. A hug. Lying next to one another in the grass. Two friends hanging out, when all of a sudden one of them does something and makes you rethink your friendship status. That's how it usually starts, at least, so they say.

Personally I rarely catch Spring Fever. I see folks walking to class, holding hands, cuddling in the dining hall, using each other as pillows. I'm not entirely immune, one year I had a very strong case. But generally Spring Fever passes me by.

Of course some scientist out there may read this and come up with all sorts of hormonal explanations, and a psychologist may provide psychological answers while a sociologist tells me why society acts this way during Spring.

I don't really care. Whether it's Spring Fever as I've described it or pheromones I'm waiting for it to end. (Do humans actually have pheromones, or is that just bugs?) I have nothing against the sickness in others, and I try to help them through it and comfort them and so forth. But unless I'm thoroughly struck by it myself I can't really relate, none of us can. It's just like getting a cold. We've all had a cold, but except for when you're actually going through boxes of Kleenex and gallons of soup you can't remember what it feels like to have one.

So the Fever season has begun. I'll do my best to help those inflicted, and try not to get infected in doing so. But who knows. Spring is still young.

You know what season is best for getting fever? Winter. If you're going to be cold anyway might as well let someone help warm you up.

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